Breeks Memorial Anglo-Indian

Higher Secondary School

Since 1874

Rules and Regulations


(a) Strict discipline will be maintained in and out of the school at all times.

(b) No student will leave the school premises during working hours.

(c) Any misbehaviour or breach of school rules will be seriously dealt. Any act of a student in and out of the school affecting the reputation of the school directly or indirectly will call for disciplinary action.


Students should be punctual to the school. They should avoid coming late.


(a) Utmost care should be taken with regard to school uniform.

(b) No student without the prescribed uniform will be admitted to the class.

(c) Students should wear sleaveless sweater from std VI - XII

(d) School monogram should be stitched to the coat.

(e) Coats should not be given for dry cleaning during working days.

(f) Coloured jersies,jerkins and muffers are not allowed.

(g) Students from std VI to XII should wear only regular Black coats. Double breast coat is not allowed.


1.White Shirt Full Sleeve 1.White Shirt Full Sleeve
2.Gray Pant 2.Black Skirt Fleetless
3.Gray Sweater with Black and red bands with Sleeve 3.Black Sweater with Black and red bands.
4.Black and red school tie 4.Black and red school tie
5.Black leather Shoes (BATA Naughty Boy) 5.Black Blazer with Monogram (std VI & above)
6.Black Blazer with Monogram 2 buttoned [std VI & above] 6.Black shoes
7.Gray Sleeve less sweater with black and red band[above VI] 7.Black Socks with red colour band
8.White Canvas & White Shorts[PT] 8.White Canvas[PT]
9.House colour / T-Shirts 9.Shorts or box Pleated skirt[PT]
House colour / T-Shirts
Cycling Shorts Black


(1) Students should attend the morning assembly without fail.Students should avoid coming late.

(2) Students will not leave the school without permission of the headmaster before or during normal schedule.

(3) High standard of conduct and behaviour is expected of every student with regard to speech and action in all their manifestations.

(4) Hands in pocket,untidy dress, make up,dirty or worn out shoes,discourtesy to staff or follow students noisy utterances are some of the examples of forbidden misdemeanors.

(5) Students shall stand up when a teacher enters the class and remain standing till the teacher asks them to be seated.

(6) Inattentiveness, indifference to studies, discourtesy towards staff or any other act which affect the tone and discipline of the school will be viewed seriously.

(7) Students shall not litter their class and the school premises, Waste papers must be thrown into the litter bins.

(8) The school is not responsible for goods lost by students and no students will bring any valuables or rare articles to the school. It is the responsibility of every student to take due care of his/her personal belongings.

(9) Students should not bring money to the school.


(1) Boys should have regular hair cut.

(2) Girls should plait their hair.Only black ribbons bands should be used.

(3) Boys and Girls are not allowed to wear bracelets,chains and coloured watch straps.

(4) Girls should not wear fancy ear rings-only a small stud should be worn.

(5) Students are strictly prohibited from using cell phones i-pods in the school.

(6) Students should speak only in English.

(7) Damages to the school property will be charged to all the students of that particular class

(8) P.E. kit is compulsary.Exception from P.E. and games will be given only on medical grounds recommended by a doctor and sanctioned by the Headmaster.


(1) Attendence is compulsory not only for academics but also during all activities.

(2) Student should obtain leave in advance or he should submit leave letter signed by the parent to the class teacher after leave taken without fail.

(3) Medical leave when it exceeds 7 days will have to be supported by a certificate from a Registered medical practitioner.


(1) Parents are requested not to disturb their children or the teachers during the class hours.They are requested to meet the principal before they come to meet the staff member.

(2) Parents are welcome to meet the principal and teachers. They are requested to do by appointment. No parent can meet any teacher before 4.20 PM.

(3) Parents attendence for the invited function will be appreciated in the interest of their own children.

(4) It will be the responsibility of parents to get to know from their children the instructions and circulars being issued from time to time and make due acknowledgements in the diary.

(5) No Student is permitted to engage any school teachers as private tutors.

(6) Parents should sign the Progress Card in school if necessary and if the progress card is lost a duplicated will have to be obtained by paying the penalty.

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